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Porcelain Crowns: A Seamless Restoration Option

Dental crowns are a trusted and versatile restorative dentistry solution for damaged teeth. Dr. Arlene Kubit may recommend all-porcelain crowns for their natural-looking appearance, since these restorations are virtually indistinguishable from your original teeth. In fact, patients sometimes choose porcelain crowns simply for their cosmetic benefits. At Artistry in Dentistry in Erie, PA, we use only the most advanced materials and techniques for attractive, long-lasting results. 

Do I Need a Dental Crown?

Dr. Kubit will begin your appointment by examining your teeth and discussing any symptoms you are experiencing. Dental crowns may be recommended for several reasons:

Concealing Structural Damage

Over time, teeth can become chipped or cracked. Some patients may sustain a fracture while chewing ice or hard candy. Other times, structural damage may have occurred without any noticeable pain or symptoms, which is why it is so important to attend regular check-ups. For example, silver fillings can fracture the teeth but these fissures are often undetectable by a patient. Crowns can provide protection in these cases and minimize the risk of further damage. 

To Complete Root Canal Therapy

Dental infection requires the removal of the soft pulp inside the tooth. Although this is a necessary treatment to save the tooth, root canal therapy can leave the tooth's outer portion considerably weakened. Dr. Kubit will typically place a dental crown in these instances to provide strength and support. 

Correcting Wear and Misalignment

Teeth grinding, a common side effect of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, can lead to wearing of the enamel. In the right patients, crowns can serve two purposes: improve the strength and appearance of damaged teeth and restore balance to a misaligned bite. This, in turn, can reduce the effects of TMJ disorder. 

Replacing Missing Teeth

Patients who are missing teeth may choose a dental bridge or an implant-supported crown. This second option boasts several benefits. Combined with a dental implant, this type of restoration replaces a missing tooth from root to crown. Implant-supported crowns fully restore dental function and guard against the bone loss linked to missing teeth. In some cases, crowns are also used in full mouth reconstruction.

In order to place a crown, we will first need to remove a small amount of enamel from the treated tooth.

Receiving a Dental Crown

At Artistry in Dentistry, we use only the most advanced dental crown materials and techniques for attractive, long-lasting results. 

In order to place a traditional crown, Dr. Kubit will first need to remove a small amount of enamel from the treated tooth. This will ensure that your bite is not affected and that the crown blends seamlessly with your smile. We use an extremely precise, computer-assisted anesthesia system and also offer oral conscious sedation for patients who feel especially anxious. Next, we will take impressions to send to an offsite laboratory, where your permanent crown will be fabricated.

We will place a temporary crown to protect your tooth until your next appointment. On average, it takes about two weeks for a crown to be fabricated. During your final visit, Dr. Kubit will attach your custom restoration using a special dental cement. Once any necessary adjustments are made, you can leave our office with a fully restored smile. Crowns can be cared for just like original teeth. With good oral hygiene and regular professional cleanings, these restorations can last many years. 

Protect Your Oral Health

If you are in need of a dental crown, contact Dr. Arlene Kubit at Artistry in Dentistry today using our online form or by calling (814) 825-7373. She will be happy to assess your oral health and discuss your restoration options during a consultation.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Kubit's for over 20 years. She is the most skilled, professional and caring dentist I have ever encountered. I have referred many friends and family to Dr. Kubit. All have received excellent care by Dr. Kubit. She is truly one of a kind. 

-Joe K.
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